This space is for comments and reflections upon returning home from the conference... Place your thoughts below.

Hello all,

It was a pleasure to have participated in this inaugural conference. Hats off to Suzanne and Nick for pulling this off. I met a number of interesting people with whom I'd like to stay in touch. Is there a database of participants' contact info that we can access to find each other to stay in touch? Also, where can we find the presenters' presentation slides? Sure would like to see them. Thanks.

Best regards, Peter Han

Hey Peter - great questions. This is only day one of the wiki - we're planning to put up the conference program and from there, hoping that individuals will add details about their presentations and responses to others. As for database of contact info - all presenter info is in the program, and we assume as people post their work and links here in our People section and elsewhere, they'll include ways to reach them. Everyone who attended has been invited to share on this space - so we hope to see lots of conversations going... thanks, Nick
- nsousanis nsousanis Jun 3, 2011

Hi there everyone. It was a really inspiring time for me and I'm home now in Scotland. We have moved house and I'm about to make a four hour trip tomorrow morning to make soap bubbles for a special celebration in the town I just left. On Sunday after the conference I had a great time making soap bubbles on Broadway then in Riverside park with David Stein the inventor of the famous 'Bubble Thing'. See web for more details. He showed me his latest powder which works really nicely. One autistic boy was really thrilled with the bubbles so much so that he tipped all the liquid out of my bucket onto the pavement. He was really playing ! We managed to keep going quite a time with the suds in the cracks.....

Just to say thanks once again... hope everyone got home safely. Yours, Philip

Hey everyone,
it was so wonderful to meet all of you. To think that the conference was held just one week ago - I'm missing the energy, conversations, spontaneity already. Let's continue to keep in touch and keep everyone updated about the work you are doing. And if you have ideas for possible future conferences, please post them here.