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DAY 1 - May 26, 2011
HM 138
HM 148
HM 150
HM 152
CS36. Philip NobleBubblestrings: How two ancient pastimes flow together to create a new form of play
CS2. Susannah Bartlow & Sarah BrylinskyGetting Dirty: Collaboration as Play in the Ecofeminist Classroom
CS9. Angela ColvertDragon Hunters Wanted! Designing and Playing Alternate Reality Games in Schools
History & Games Panel:
CS12. Aaron Dilday & Doug WalkerGolden Horizon: Empires of Trade in the Indian Ocean;

CS53. Matt WranovixPlaying with History: The Use of Conflict-Simulation Board Games in the Classroom;

CS29. Sarah Lowe – Designing Experiential Research Environments to Explore Cultural Heritage
CS41. Michele Root-Bernstein, Nick Sousanis & Patricia StokesHaiku and Comics: A Conversation about Constraints and the Creative Process
CS18. Cara FurmanTeaching for Imagination: Hayley’s Angel
CS44. Karen SchrierTeaching Values through Play?: Developing Games for Ethical Thinking

HM 138
HM 148
HM 150
HM 152
CS42. Diane RosenA Jester’s Guide to Creative See(k)ING: Beyond the Gatekeepers
CS28. Chin Ee Loh
Serious Play: Exploring Creativity in the Singapore Literature Classroom
CS25. Joey Lee & Pinar CeyhanScholar’s Quest: The Gamification in Education Project
Graphic Literacies Conversation:
CS4. Marek BennettMultiple Intelligences in Comics Education;

CS17. Tiffany FoxworthThe Warp and Woof of Worlds: Utility of World-Building in Creative Works;

CS43. Deborah RosenburgVisual Narrative Dissected
CS13. Steve DuttonThe Institute of Beasts. Strategies of Doubt and Refusal in a Contemporary Art Practice
CS49. María Laura SpoturnoAcross Languages and Cultures or The Challenge of Literary Translation
CS16. C. Ross Flatt & Brendon TrombleyQuest To Learn: Growing a School Together
DAY 2 - May 27, 2011
HM 138
HM 148
HM 150
HM 152
CS14. Imagining America Conversation:
Tim Eatman, Adam Bush, Kim Yasuda, Urmila Venkatesh, Dana Edell, Michael McCarthy – Playing with Imagining; Fostering Creative Methods of Critical Discourse
CS52. Innovative Museum Practices Panel:
Masha Turchinsky & Team; Cathy Saunders; Emine and Banu Bedel; Mark Dzula – Join a diverse group of museum educators as they discuss: digital interactions with the MET’s collection, setting as scaffolding to creativity, the role of play in museum education, and responding to art by making it
CS33. Joshua McVeigh, Andy Uehara, Casey China & Michael AnnettaTeaching Creativity and Meaningful Play through Game Design
CS20. Elizabeth Goodenough, Richard Lewis, Faith Lewis, & Claire Gallagher Roots of Being: Growing Spaces, Inward Worlds
CS5. Donald BrinkmanThe Arithmetic of Change: Gameful Research and Ludic Technologies for Education, Heritage and Humanities

CS39. Victoria de RijkeSupertoys: The Dangers & Delights of Play
CS31. Crystle MartinLost in Azeroth? Let Information Literacy Be Your Guide (Explorations of World of Warcraft)
Tech Panel I:
CS22. Brian HughesSupporting Academic Creativity with Online Tools;

CS3. Peter BeaugardUsing Graphic Design Methods & Interactive Tools to Encourage Play in Online Learning;

CS11. Nate DernCrowdsourcing Creativity: The Amazon Studios Experiment
CS19. Bonny L. Gildin & Carrie Lobman
License to Dream: A Play & Performance Approach to Inner City Youth Development
11:30-12:15 PM
CS46. Rebecca SinkerNothing to Show For It: Process versus Product in Art and Play
CS32. Caitlin McClureThe Neuroscience of Play: An Experiential Learning Romp Through The Brain

HM 138
HM 148
HM 150
HM 152
CS26. Scott Noppe-Brandon, Jonathan Batiste, Donald Brinkman, Suzanne Enser-Ryan, Magdalena Gomez, Michael Lofton, Steven Dahlberg (moderator) –
An Imagination Conversation: A Project of the Lincoln Center Institute
CS30. Sarah Malin & Trung Le (Cannon Design); Christian Long (Be Playful Design)Design Studio: What Does a Game-inspired Learning Environment Look Like?
CS21. Kathleen Hill, Amy Liebov, Sheila O’Shea, and Pam SzalayGet Inspired: An Invitation to Imagine, Play, and Create with Your Students
CS38. GSNYC Discussion & Exhibition Walk-Through:
Carol Cook Reid, Amery Kessler, Michelle Illuminato, Mike Richison, Arnold Martin, & Andy Malone (Note: includes visit to Macy Gallery)

DAY 3 - May 28, 2011
HM 138
HM 148
HM 150
HM 152
Tech Panel 2:
CS15. Seth EllisMaking Places into Stories;

CS27. Simon Lindgren & Ragnar LundstromCopy, Rip, Learn: Pirate Culture, Playfulness and Creativity from “Steamboat Willie” to Buffy and Edward;

CS7. Joff ChaferWhat Am I Doing (t)here? Virtual Worlds as a site for performance
CS24. Jeff Kupperman, Aviva Dorfman, Susanna Hapgood, Jeremiah Holden A Cabinet of Curiosity
CS6. Mark Carnes & Nicolas Proctor: Reacting to the Past (History/ Games)
CS34. Ken MizusawaPlaywriting Through Drama in the English Literature Classroom
CS54. Patricia ZumhagenInterpreting “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”

CS40. Michele Root-Bernstein & Ren HullenderInventing Imaginary Worlds: From Make-Believe Play to Creative Strategy (a hands-on, minds-on workshop exploring in personal experience the links between play, creative imagination and knowledge construction).
CS47. Philip L. Smith & Fred GoodmanMore Than A Game: How Participants Teach and Learn Justice in Elite Sport Cultures
CS23. Scott Barry Kaufman, Sandra Russ & Jerome L. SingerFrom Children’s Pretend Play to Cognitive, Social Skills, and Creativity
CS51. Gianfranco Tornatore & Joshua Renick
Creativity in the Jazz Classroom: The Intersection Between Theory and Practice
CS8. Suzanne Choo, Deb Sawch, Alison VillanuevaFluid Pedagogy: Teaching for Hybrid Forms of Critical, Creative, and Perceptual Thinking
CS1. Baptiste BarbotCreative Potential: How and Why to measure it?
CS48.Dino SossiThe Equality through Media Project’ (TEMP): Media Production that Fosters Democratic Learning
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HM 138
HM 148
HM 150
HM 152
CS45. Benjamin ShepardIf I Can’t Dance: Play, Creativity and Social Movements

CS10. Steve Dahlberg – – If I Can’t Think: Engaging Creative Alternatives for Social Change
CS35. Julie NewdollTactile Games for Teaching Chemistry
CS50. Patricia StokesPlaying with numbers/Beating the odds on math achievement in American kindergarteners
CS37. Anne Elizabeth RedlinWithin the Realms of the As if and the Magic If